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Happy Mothers' Day to Both Our Wonderful Mothers!


Mom Miller, Chris, and Momma Sanden
Happy Mothers' Day to all the mothers out there, and the grandmothers, and special aunts and friends and women who "mother" those around them.  Mothers' Day is such a special day.

My mom giving me the "Mother's Eye" about my wedding-day make-up
This year, I feel especially blessed because for the first time in my life, I have two mothers -- I have a mother and a mother-in-law.  Chris and I both fiercely love our mothers... and they are women who are so different and yet with so many similarities!  We are so incredibly blessed!

Chris and my mom at Chris and my wedding
Mom Miller and me at Chris and my wedding
When I was a child, every year the church children's choir (of which I was a member for six years, kindergarten-to-fifth grade) sang the same song on Mothers' Day.  It was a song that my parents and I came to know well and enjoy singing together every Mothers' Day.  It was called, LOVE IS A SPECIAL THING and I found a youtube clip the song being sung by a different church.  The lyrics are below the video:

Love Is a Special Thing
by Janie Oliver
Lorenz Publishing Company  GGA-382
A mother’s love is a very special thing.
Gentle and soft as the lullaby she sings.
Warm and embracing with power like a king
Love is a special thing.

The love of a child is a very special thing.

Fragile as snowflakes and butterfly wings
Simple and trusting, and promising as spring
Love is a special thing.

This love that we share is a very special thing.

It fills my heart and it makes me want to sing.
Sharing and caring, such happiness it brings
Love is a special thing.

For love is of God

Love is of God.

And God’s love for us is a very special thing

Full of compassion and boundless as the sea.
Holding me close and yet, letting me be free.
Love is a special thing.

So cherish it and treasure it

For love is a special thing.


Momma and little Brookie circa 1987
Mom Miller and her whole crew circa 1989
As I was thinking about what I wanted to say in my post today to honor Chris and my mothers, I started making a list of words that could be used to describe my mom... and a number of them I would guess could be used to describe Chris' mom.  It was a long list.

The Words that Could Be Used to Describe My (and Chris') Mother:
  • cook
  • cleaning woman
  • grounds-keeper
  • minister
  • sounding board
  • secretary
  • chauffeur
  • counselor
  • example
  • story teller
  • neighborhood watch woman
  • zoo keeper
  • 1st mate
  • gardener
  • teacher
  • problem-solver
  • cheerleader
  • athlete
  • mom
  • daughter
  • wife
  • child
  • sister
  • adult
  • aunt
  • great-aunt
  • friend
  • coach
  • leader
  • help-mate
  • one who is patient
  • learner
  • peacemaker
  • listener
  • seeker
  • worker
  • beautician
  • disciplinarian
  • prayer-warrior
  • nurse
  • dish-washer
  • worrier
  • organizer
  • cruise-director
  • orchestrator
  • hostess
  • sleepless one
This list is exhausting -- which might explain my why mom loves to be treated to a manicure or pedicure...  she must be exhausted!

Mom Miller and baby Chris circa 1980
Mom Miller and Chris at our wedding, 2011
My mother, and Chris' mother have been all of these and more for nearly 30 years -- 31 years for Mom Miller, 28 years for Mom Sanden.
Momma Sanden and Baby Brooke circa 1984
Momma Sanden and Me at Chris and my wedding 2011
My mom has always been a mother... she just hasn't always had her own child.  She was a mother to her younger sisters after their mother died (when my mom was 16), then she was a mother to my half-siblings when she married my dad.  When she finally had her own little girl to mother, she poured all of her life and love into motherhood.  My mom is one of those woman who was MADE to be a mother.  Her greatest strengths and accomplishments rest in how she has loved my dad, my siblings and me.

Sanden Family circa 1985
A huge happy Mothers Day to Momma Sanden and Mom Miller!

Miller Family Adventures circa 1995

You both are the best and we love you so much!

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