Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sometimes & Always: Excited for the End of School

Every Tuesday, Megan hosts Sometimes & Always.  I always post Treasuring the Present on Tuesday, but I do like the idea of catching up with the Sometimes and Always later in the week.

Sometimes: I watch reruns of America's Next Top Model while I'm working on the computer.
Always: I find myself practicing a model runway walk around the house afterwards.

Sometimes: I don't think I am getting excited about the end of the school year.
Always: I remember the trips Chris and I have planned, the people we're going to see, the exercise I want to do, and the books I want to read, and I realize I am really excited about the end of the school year.
Top of my summer reading list!
 Sometimes:  I wake up before work to exercise.
Always: I feel great when I do and I try to remind myself how great it feels the next time the the early alarm goes off.
Sometimes: When I think about summer, I imagine treating myself to a once-per-year summer massage or pedicure.
Always: Always I start pricing them and decide the cost is not worth it (which is why I really appreciate spa gift certificates!)
Sometimes: I see hair styles on pinterest that make me miss my long hair.
Source: via Brooke on Pinterest
Always: I put my short hair up to work out, take a fast shower, and blow dry my hair in no time, and I remember how excited I am for this season of short hair!

Sometimes: I waste time skipping from blog to blog from the lists that bloggers recommend on their blog
Always: I end up finding at least one blog that I'm really glad I found.

A great example is finding Megan's Blog and her weekly Sometimes & Always!

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