Sunday, May 20, 2012

Five Minutes: Perspective

The Gypsy Mama hosts Five Minutes Fridays... and sometimes I chime in a little after Friday.

This week's Five Minutes of writing are supposed to be devoted to Perspective.


Perspective is an artistic term.  A photograph, a painting changes drastically depending on your perspective.

The same can be said for a story -- a story changes -- well, the point of view on the facts of the story changes based on your perspective.

Attitudes can change your perspective.  Empathy, compassion, sympathy, love all can change based on your perspective.

I remember once in college a friend from high school called me and said, in a very distraught, emotional tone, "I just got really afraid that my grandmother is going to die."

My wonderful, compassionate response was, "Well... your grandmother is going to die."

Yeah, compassion has never really been my strongest thing.

The thing is, I have watched family member after family member die.  My perspective is, YES, many people -- most people in your life are going to die.  CHERISH your time with them.

My perspective is that the more aware you are of how precious life is and how quickly your life can change through death, the more you will appreciate the times you have with loved ones in the present.

My hubby calls me a pessimist... which I kind of resent because I don't think I am a pessimist.  I think I am a realist.

My hubby is an optimist... however, he seems to be very pessimistic in his view that I am a pessimist.  A true optimist would see me as a realist.  :-D

I believe one's perspective changes as one ages.

How has your perspective changed over the years?


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