Saturday, May 26, 2012

One Happy Hubby!

Summer has arrived for my wonderful hubby!

I took a picture of him on the first day of school, but I couldn't find it anywhere... I do have this picture that I took of him on the last day of school (easy to keep track of given that it was taken yesterday morning).

Why, yes that is his morning Shakeology in his hand!
My hubby and I are in a little bit of a light-headed bubble regarding the end of this school year.  This is the first school year since we've been together when one or both of us have not changed jobs.

My husband and I met when we were both teachers in the same county.  We met at New Teacher Induction Class.  :-D  At the end of that school year, Chris was looking for a new job due to budget cuts... and we didn't know if our relationship would survive whatever distance was in our future.  Over that same summer, I was offered and accepted the job I currently have working with visually impaired learners.
First summer together -- two job changes.

The next school year, I was covering five school districts with my new itinerant position, and Chris was living 3 hours away teaching middle school.  As you all know the rest of the story, we did survive the distance and Chris proposed just before Christmas of that year we were living 3 hours apart.  Since we wanted to live together once we were married (crazy, I know), it meant one of us was going to relocated.  Chris was offered a job in one of the districts where I provide vision services.
Second summer together -- one job change, (MARRIAGE, and big move for both of us).

Now, Hubby and I are entering our third summer together --
Neither of us is changing jobs next year!

We are over the moon excited, and we feel unbelievably blessed to each have jobs that we love, and to know that our employers think we're doing pretty well and want us to return.

Chris has even been asked to take some leadership roles for next year!  :-D

We are Praising God like crazy and really excited for next school year -- in the same jobs!

That being said, at the moment, we are thrilled to welcome summer.

My hubby is totally done whereas I have another week -- a four day week, but a week nonetheless.

Congratulations, Hubby.  Summer has arrived!

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  1. Yay! I am so glad no job changes this summer.... you will just get to enjoy a summer with the two of you and your Lexie and Lloyd. :)

    What a busy few summers you two have had... a nice relaxing one full of fun (and travel) is what you two need. Enjoy!


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