Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Treasuring the Present: Time with Friends -- as a Couple

 Today, I'd like to treasure some time Chris and I have spent with some new friends... a couple of new friends -- literally a husband and wife couple who have been married about 3 weeks longer than Chris and I.

Chris and I have mutual friends and mutual friends who are married, but usually one of us knows one of the couple better than the other.  We have really enjoyed getting to know a fellow newly-wed couple TOGETHER.  Both husbands are even named Chris -- of course we're friends!
me, (my) Chris, Lloyd, (other) Chris, and Nicki
They invited us to dinner a few weeks ago when they were camping...
Nicki and Chris and their kitty, Rafiki
Chris and Nicki were camping near by, so we had a great cookout for dinner!
Even Lloyd was invited to dinner
Dessert = S'mores!  Yummy!
Nicki is due with their first baby, a girl, in September!
Chris and his perfect, huge marshmallow
Lloyd really wanted to try a marshmallow
And we invited them to dinner this past weekend...

I just forgot to get pictures of people
Grilled Brats, Grilled Corn on the Cob, Baked Beans and Sweet Potato Fries
Brats mean every condiment in our fridge available for use
Here's a picture of a person!  It's Nicki!
Lexie really liked my centerpiece of fake red, white, and blue flowers
I had to hide the flowers in the microwave until the guests arrived
Just like family and memories are what make a house, a home... friends and memories are what make a town, a community.  We feel blessed to be making these new friends and making memories.

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  1. What fun to spend time getting to know another couple!


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