Thursday, May 31, 2012


There are some events that catch me by surprise, when I realize, in no uncertain terms, I have entered adulthood.
I often hear older people make comments like, "I don't feel 60/75/90 (enter age here)"... I always figured those feelings came with age.  I feel 28... but I certainly don't feel like an adult.  Is that what these people are talking about when they say they don't feel their age?  Maybe this is what adulthood feels like -- fun?

I know I'm an adult, and for years I took great pride every month writing my month checks from my own hard-earned paycheck for rent, credit card, tithe, etc.  Now we have an automatic check sent from the bank... but for years paying those bills and writing those checks made me feel so grown up and responsible.  Like I was a kid, but I was remembering to complete my monthly adult responsibility.  That being said, there were still days I enjoyed staying in my pjs as long as possible and consciously deciding that the dishes in the sink could wait til morning... those choices don't seem like choices an adult would make.

Last night, Chris and I went to a city meeting regarding a new water plant they want to build in our city.  On the way home, I was astounded at the adult I've become.

I have been to City Council meetings before -- I remember going as young as age 6 or 7 because my parents didn't want me to stay home with a sitter, and so I went along to the meetings.  I remember attending the meetings in high school because by doing so I received extra credit in government class.  I remember not understanding what was going on -- maybe I'd understand an issue or two, but on the whole, I was clueless.

It is because I had attended city meetings as a child and adolescent that I noticed the amazing contrast between those meetings and the one I attended last night.  Last night... attending this meeting as an adult, I was interested in everything that was said -- from the presentation, to the discussion, to the questions, I was fulling invested in the topic, I paid attention for the entire 2+ hour event, I asked a few questions myself, and I understood everything that was said.  Those things certainly never happened when I attended meetings in as a child and adolescent.

I really am an adult.  There is no denying it.
Well, there may be no denying it, but I can still treasure the joy of stopping for an ice cream cone with my hubby on the way home from the meeting, and laughing because the scoop of ice cream fell off of the cone and smeared all over my shirt.  That would never happen to an adult.

There's adulthood -- caring about taxes and community issues...

Then there's adulthood -- a homemade veggie dinner that you don't spill on your shirt...

Well, I've achieved one level of adulthood.  I plan on postponing that second part for as long as possible.

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