Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sometimes & Always

Sometimes and Always with Megan!

Sometimes: I get into such a happy, productive routine in the month of May that I start to think I could enjoy working year-round
Always: I fall across the finish line of the school year completely exhausted and admit that I need two months to recover before another school year

Sometimes: My hubby or I casually comment on how nice it would be to eat take-out tonight instead of cooking
Always: We say that we don't need that tonight, think about it a few minutes, and then wind up getting Chinese or Pizza

Sometimes: I follow my mother's baking recipes to a "T" in an effort to create delicious treats like my mom makes
Always: I end up with baked goods that taste somewhat like Mom's, but are texturally dry and crispy -  GRRRRRRRRR!

Monster Cookies made for my hubby's students... I hope they like them with a crunch
Sometimes: I tell myself that we should invite friends over for the sole purpose of requiring me to majorly clean the house
Always: When we invite friends over... I clean, but not majorly

Sometimes: I do not understand the thought process of others
Always: I continue to wonder what they are thinking

For example... why would anyone ship 6 spatulas in a box this size?

Sometimes: I get very excited for the weekly Sometimes & Always post
Always: I'm surprised with how difficult it is to come up with statements of Sometimes & Always  :-D
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