Monday, April 23, 2012

Wild Kingdom Weekend

What a weekend I had...

To make a really long story short, Chris signed me up for a women's turkey hunt and assured me I would never get chosen to participate in this hunt.  Over 150 women applied and they only pick 6 women to participate.

I spent my Saturday afternoon learning all about Turkeys, Turkey hunting, Turkey calls, and shotguns.  Saturday night was spend in a truck checking out all the wild turkeys and other wildlife in our hunting area.

Look at these beautiful Tom Birds!

I never knew turkey's could be so beautiful!

Beautiful elk!

We even saw a bear!

She's a female... I hear the male is 150lbs larger

This beautiful waterfall at dusk

Look at these beauties!

And here they're ready for bed in the tree

Sunday morning was crazy -- 3:30am alarm clock and gathering to head hunting at 4:45am.  I got a lot of HUNTING out of this hunt... I did not do any killing.  The turkeys were very safe from me despite three attempts to have our freezer and table blessed with turkey meat.

Despite my attempts to "shoot" at turkey, here are my best "shots" of the hunt:

Beautiful elk on the side of the mountain

Too bad we weren't hunting for deer

Aren't they beautiful

Look at this gorgeous scenery

This place is about 30 minutes from our home

Here is a frozen waterfall

This is the best shot of a turkey I got all day... but she was a hen so I couldn't try to really "shoot" her

I was hunting with another women for part of the day, and she got an actual turkey while I got a picture of turkeys.  :-D

In other news, Chris and Lloyd spent Sunday playing together while I was on the turkey hunt.  Lloyd discovered cacti... he ran head long into this cactus patch:

And Sunday evening was spent with Chris and me still pulling spines out of his feet, legs and stomach... poor guy.

He was so good!  He just lays there while we try to find cactus needles.

How was your weekend?

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  1. Awwww poor doggie :(
    And I've never been hunting, haha! Wouldn't be for me...
    I love your pics though, such beautiful nature!


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