Monday, April 30, 2012

Pinheads and Patriots

I listen to many different audio books during the school year as I travel from school to school and no particular literary genre dominates my drives.

This year I have listened to Christian fiction, Christian nonfiction, fictional mystery, sports nonfiction, and political nonfiction to name a few.

Recently I finished Bill O'Reilly's book, Pinheads and Patriots.

Many of you may be familiar with the author, Bill O'Reilly from his Fox News Show The O'Reilly Factor.  I enjoy Mr. O'Reilly's Fox News show once in a while -- and to be very honest, I usually see it often enough when I visit my parents to fill my quota of seeing the show until my next visit.  :-D  I really enjoy Mr. O'Reilly's talking points on his show, but I find his manner argumentative, abrasive and, at times, hard to listen to.

That being said, I wasn't thrilled to be starting his book, Pinheads and Patriots.  I wasn't sure what kind of "Where You Stand in the Age of Obama" book I was getting myself into.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book!

I learned through listening to this book that when Mr. O'Reilly is the only one talking, his manner is not abrasive at all.  :-D  In his book, he talks about President Obama's policies, but he does not dwell on issues.  He brings up a topic, presents facts on both sides of the issue, gives his overall opinion as to whether this situation is Pinheaded or Patriotic, and he moves on.

Also, this book is not just about President Obama.  The book includes anecdotes about when Mr. O'Reilly first entered the field of journalism and how the first "No Spin Zone" came to be.

My favorite part of the book was the presentation of Pinheads and Patriots Throughout History.  Mr. O'Reilly discussed the actions and public perceptions of various American politicians and celebrities throughout history and whether, all things considered, they were an overall Pinhead or Patriot.  These figures included but were not limited to Marilyn Monroe, President Grant, President Jackson, President Lincoln, Janis Joplin, President Bush Sr., President Bush Jr., Madonna, Babe Ruth, and Annie Oakley.

All in all, I felt that Mr. O'Reilly presented a fair NO SPIN ZONE portrayal of the first few years of President Obama's presidency.  He brought up some valid and thought-provoking points and provided some political and international perspective to issues of which I was unaware.

I would definitely recommend Pinheads and Patriots to anyone who cares about the direction America is headed coming into this 2012 election; to anyone who enjoys history; and, to anyone who enjoys a humorous, informative narrative that provides you the opportunity to learn something.

I also especially recommend the audio book because I think it is fun to hear the author reading his own book.

Happy Reading!

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