Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Treasuring the Present: Springtime

I have four favorite seasons... and I'm being completely sincere.  My favorite season is the one that I'm in -- or on a very rare occasion, the one that's coming.

I have always been this way -- I am Thrilled for the arrival of Autumn, and I love Autumn until it is almost finished... and then I get really excited for Winter.  I am in love with Winter until Winter is in its final glory -- the Last Battle, and then I am beyond excited for Spring.

This year, however, I wondered if I would be ready for Spring because we didn't really have a good, snowy, wonderful Winter in Rifle.  The entire Winter was sort of a lousy Southern attempt at Winter.  Without a good dose of Winter, I wondered how that would affect my love for the next season.

It turns out, the lack of Winter goodness has not in anyway impaired my love of Spring!

Spring is WONDERFUL and I am so grateful for it!

From the moment I awaken, I can tell by the temperature and the light that its Spring!  I take the dog out and breathe in the wonderful Spring air, and I feel invigorated!  I am up earlier, more productive, in a better mood.  Its taking me longer to get ready every morning because I'm having transitioning out of my Winter wardrobe and into my Spring/Summer wardrobe.


Here are some pictures of our family Spring Activities this previous Easter Weekend:

I ran a 5K race and Lloyd and Chris ran a 2K race
This race had MANY more people than the last race I did

Ready for the race
It was actually A LOT colder than it looks -- around 35*

The 2K was nothing for Lloyd

Here I come sprinting to the finish

Giving it everything I have

Chris put his number on Lloyd after the race and he looked adorable!

Great way to start our Easter weekend

Since Lloyd still had energy, we took him swimming

It had warmed up a little so he loved it

I was pretty pleased with this pictures -- I didn't even have my good camera with me

Lloyd is growing up so much!

I think Lloyd is shaking in this picture

I love this picture

He's ready to run

Finally a little tuckered out!

This is why we love Spring!

What are your favorite parts of Spring?
What is your favorite season?

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  1. Love all the pictures. The one where your husband is throwing the toy and the mountains are in the background is definitely one you should frame.


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