Thursday, April 5, 2012

Midweek Randoms

I enjoy following Kelly's Blog, Joyful Adorations... and she often posts "Midweek Randoms".

There is no other description for today's post besides MIDWEEK RANDOMS.

I have been SO tired this week.  Spring Break was amazing and SO restful... I was hoping that rest would carry over through this week... it hasn't.

I have driven over 400 miles already this week, and I am exhausted!  Probably at least 300 miles more before my week ends...

Baseball season started yesterday -- goodbye, Hubby.  I'll see you again in November.
(Not really, he's a wonderful husband... but there's a tiny molecule of truth to it.)

I haven't baked in over 6 weeks and I've missed it.  I haven't baked because I've gave up desserts for Lent, and its amazing how any incentive to bake ceases when you know you cannot eat them (or even taste them) yourself.

I am planning to BAKE FOR EASTER!  I am really excited because I've never baked for Easter specifically.  Growing up, the cookies of the world revolved around Christmas.  I'm really excited to experiment with Easter cookies this year, and maybe someday provide a Christmas cookie and Easter cookie tradition to my children.  I may be a little over ambitious with the cookies, to be honest... but luckily, I don't have children this year, and if I don't finish the cookies, or I'm still working on some next week, or if I give up on some, it will be okay.  This is a no-pressure Easter cookie year.  :-D

I am so tired...
What do you do when you're tired and you have things you have to do?

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  1. Don't think I could go without dessert! Well that's not true. I had to go on a medical diet for 3 months - I couldn't have sugar or a whole bunch of other stuff. I had homemade smoothies every night made from fruit and apple juice. Does that count?

    So thankful John isn't into watching sports!! ;) Get yourself some good books!


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