Thursday, April 12, 2012

We Love to Laugh!

My hubby and I, We Love to Laugh!

I  have to credit this to Chris more than anything.  I like to laugh, but my wonderful hubby LOVES to laugh and he makes sure that I laugh much more often than I would without him in my life.

Last week, I noticed that our television DVR recorder had recorded a new show that I had never heard of, "Betty White's OFF THEIR ROCKERS".  I think my husband might have a little bit of an unnatural obsession with Betty White... he thinks she's hilarious.  If he hears that she is in a show, he wants to see it.

Last week we watched this new Betty White show, and it was SO funny.  We were laughing really hard.

Betty White has a cast of about 6 older actors who interact with young people (people in their 20s) and the conversations and interactions are on hidden camera.  These sketches are so funny, and pretty innocent.  Mostly the older actor does something or says something that leaves the young person so confused.

If you're looking for a show that will make you laugh, I would recommend this one!

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