Wednesday, April 18, 2012

As of Late: April 2012

Third Thursday of the month... you know what that means:

Christy's As of Late
  • Lately, it has been so enjoyable to have a routine the past few months... we haven't traveled, we've had a wonderful, busy, but regular schedule the past few months and it has been wonderful!
  • Lately, I have loved that the Lord is revealing new truths and revelations through scriptures and sermons
  • Lately, we have had such an answer to prayer by the way our animals are tolerating each other.  Something about Spring, this month I have really noticed a difference in both of our animals and the way they relate to each other.  Lexie has come out of her shell and begun to live her life as she used to -- she spends more time on the floor, which she spent months avoiding when Lloyd arrived; she will come over to cuddle with me regardless of how near Lloyd is; she has become playful again, after months of acting mellow and melancholy.  Lloyd, meanwhile, has begun ignoring her about 60% of the time, which is exactly what she wants him to do.  The other 40% of the time, he is still a puppy and he still sniffs her and chases her and jumps around when she's in my arms, like she is a ball that I'm going to throw to him... but Lexie seems to have realized that even when he is excited, he's relatively harmless.  They are certainly not best buds by any means... but they are coexisting and happy and we are SO grateful!  Praise God!
  • Lately, Chris and I cannot believe how near we are to the end of the year... he has like four weeks left with students and I have six weeks left or something like that.  There are actually students that I will only see two more times this year.  Crazy!
  • Lately, Chris and I are spending lots of time with Lloyd outside.  We have found a great pond where Lloyd LOVES to swim and we spend lots of time throwing toys and trying to teach him to DROP.
  • Lately, I've been getting used to SHORT HAIR!  I donated my hair to Children With Hairloss and it has been fun to get used to this light, short 'do.
  •   Lately, I've been reflecting on what I was doing one year ago -- I had a number of bridal showers in April and May, so I was writing a lot of thank you notes, and I was a Packing My House like crazy!  Chris and I had so much happening one year ago... sometimes it feels like yesterday and sometimes it feels like forever ago.
What have you been up to this month?

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  1. So glad Lexie and Lloyd are starting to co-exist!

    Your hair is adorable.

    Summer is getting closer :)

    So glad you are still going to participate in ASL... I just adore visiting others and getting to know what has been going on as of late.


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