Thursday, April 21, 2011

As of Late: April

I love this As Of Late link that Christy hosts once a month!
April has FLOWN by for me!
  • As of late, Chris and I have been praying about our future
  • As of late, Chris and I have been applying to several school districts - in Colorado and out of Colorado
  • As of late, Chris and I have several countdowns going -- counting down the days until our wedding (65 days), counting down the days until Chris is done with school, counting down the days until I am out of schools
  • As of late, I've started packing my apartment where I've lived the past two years and moving boxes into storage
  • As of late, Chris and I have made some major donations to local thrift shops -- and more donations are coming!
  • As of late, I am getting really excited about some upcoming BRIDAL SHOWERS!!!! My first one is this weekend in Michigan with family and some close friends and I also get to be home with my mom and dad for Easter.
  • My Bridal Shower Thank You Notes is ready to be written and sent...
  • As of late, my parents have told me Chris and I have quite a few wedding presents already waiting for us at their house, so I will be opening those and writing our first Wedding Thank You Notes this weekend as well... (I love seeing our married names in print!)
  • As of late, the walls of my apartment are becoming more MILLER and less Single Girl... Chris and I bought this skier mirror on major Spring Sale in Vail as a wedding gift to each other and we LOVE it!
  • This wall of my apartment is ready to be packed and hung in Chris and my first place together in the near future!
  • I won this Family Values Canvas from a blog giveaway from One Less Orphan, One Less Broken Heart back in November and I just got it this past week. It is ready to be hung in our kitchen as daily reminders of values we want to live by. Chris and I spent a fun afternoon brainstorming fun and serious values we would want on the canvas and we're both thrilled with how it turn out!
  • As of late, I am loving the warmer weather and getting excited for full blown Spring (which also means full blown Mud Season) in Colorado.
  • As of late, I am VERY excited for my last 65 days of engagement and the commencement of my MARRIAGE!
What is going on lately in your life?

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  1. Congratulations! What exciting times!!

  2. You guys are busy! Very exciting stuff happening in your life--enjoy it all!

  3. So many beautiful things in your life is so amazing!

    And 65 days...whooohoo! So excited for you. Enjoy those showers I know you will have such fun!


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