Saturday, April 9, 2011

My Week In Review April 9

This week was wonderful! One high is impossible, but I will stick to a couple {extreme} highs...
First the low because it is less fun:

I had a HORRIBLE migraine on Friday. That is my definite low. Luckily, after resting and medicine, it skedaddled in time for my high:

Dinner with our friends on Friday night! Pictures will come in a later post but in the meantime, rest assured, it was a great time! This was the first time Chris and I had entertained together and we had SO much fun. We divided the cooking responsibilities (although I seemed to get the brunt of the cleaning responsibilities) and it was a wonderful time with them.

Another high from the week involved Chris having the week off from work and my having Monday and Tuesday off from work -- and the WONDERFUL skiing that was had on Vail Mountain!

Oh, AND, I got my engagement ring back from the jewelers! It fits perfectly and will not be leaving my possession for a very long time! :-D

When life is unstructured, I lose structured routines -- namely my exercise routine. I need to learn who to maintain my positive routines when in an unstructured environment...

On a side note, I want to take myself out of the drawing affiliated with Amy's weekly giveaway because I have a cake carrier from the sponsor. IN FACT, the pictures on Amy's site that says "WOLVERINE GIRL" is my cake carrier. The one that says "MSE" is the one I gave my sister-in-law for Christmas! I can fully endorse these awesome carriers, and Amy, if I win, please give the prize to another girl who doesn't already have one of these awesome cake carriers! :-D

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  1. It sounds like your dinner was a lot of fun. Looking forward to the pics.

    Boo for migraines. I get them too and they just stink.

    You are too sweet for offering the cake carrier to someone else if you win. Thank you for always supporting adoptive families.

  2. Glad your migraine went away. Those are no fun for sure. Always fun to hang out with friends:)


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