Thursday, April 7, 2011

Lexie Update

My friend, Nick is serving overseas and he knew Lexie from the beginning. The Lord brought me Lexie in early June 2008 in Lexington, Virginia and she was four weeks old. She was SOOO tiny!Nick knew Lexie when we lived in Nashville. She and I moved to Colorado in January 2009 and Nick hasn't seen Lexie since then.I promised him I would take some recent pictures of Lexie so he could see how she's grown! She's nearly 3 years old (come May) and she's a regular cat now... a small cat, but a grown up cat!
This is what Lexie does when she wants to be pet or picked up. When I walk through the door, she ALWAYS wants to be held and it is such a nice feeling to have her excited for me to be home.
She loves to snuggle under blankets, in boxes, in cupboards, in suitcases and in baskets.

She loves windowsills and fresh air, even though she is not allowed outside.
She LOVES plastic bags and hair ties. She will chew holes in any plastic bag... and she will confiscate any hair tie she can find.
She loves the basket on top of the refrigerator at the Vail condo. She thinks it is her personal bed.

She sleeps at my feet just about every night. Here she is ready for bed at the Vail condo...

She also loves to play with blankets... specifically she loves to jump on feet or hands under blankets. Here she kept jumping up to try to catch fingers.

Thanks for serving, Nick! Lexie and I miss you!

P.S. Nick loves email from the outside world. If you are interested in supporting him through emails, please let me know and I will give you his email address.

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  1. Aww! Lexie is so cute! She reminds me of a kitty we had named Tigger. :)



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