Sunday, April 29, 2012

Five Minutes on Community

I've recently come across a blog called The Gypsy Mama and she hosts a group each week that is five minutes of writing on a given topic.

The idea is to write for five straight minutes, no editing, no revising...

This week's topic is Community... GO:

Community comes in many shapes and sizes.

My parents' community is made mostly of friends that they have made in their home town over many years and decades.  They know these friends through work, church, business, organizations, functions, committees... you name it.  Over the years, these good friends have become their community.

Chris' parents is made of more of their family.  Chris' entire extended family -- on both sides live in the St. Louis area, so most of his parents' community consist of family that they have both known their entire lives.

How will Chris and my community look?

Chris has come to love the school where he teaches and we have worked toward getting to know other teachers and couples in our area.  I, on the other hand, work at a number of schools throughout 5 school districts -- I don't feel the same sense of community that he does with co-workers.


Wow, five minutes goes by really fast!

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