Friday, April 27, 2012

Sort of Pinteresting...

Today I had grand plans for a Pinterest-full post.

I was going to post 8-10 of my favorite Pinterest pictures and talk about what a fun website is has been.

After about 12 attempts and several hours of trying to "embed" 8-10 Pinterest pictures... I am giving up on that grand pinterest post given that my most recent attempt result in about 6 of the 8 pictures suddenly being deleted.

So, the bottom line -- Pinterest is a really fun website, and really difficult to incorporate into a blog post.

On this beautiful Friday, I will attempt to leave you with a couple of my favorite Pinterest pictures (fingers crossed):

Source: via Brooke on Pinterest

This last pin, I need to make really large so you can see the animal in every shot... I love this picture compilation

A very happy Friday to you.
Happy Pinteresting for those of you who enjoy it,
and please remember to pray for our troops.

Specifically, today I pray that they would find comfort in unexpected places -- maybe from a stray animal in a foreign land.

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