Saturday, April 21, 2012

Fun With Lloyd

Chris and Lloyd and I have been having a blast several afternoons each week by visiting a pond near our house where lots of dogs swim.

Lloyd is a great swimmer and he loves the chance to meet other dogs there.

I love taking pictures of Lloyd in his element running, swimming and playing:

Here, he's still dry...

First jump

It's this just the cutest face?

I'm still playing around with different photography techniques...

He still looks like a puppy in this picture... mostly he looks grown up

My hubby took this picture... there's a rainbow in the background

He found a friend (Lloyd' the one chasing)

Both dogs make a splash to fetch a toy

He found another friend too

I love this picture!

So beautiful

Like two, athletic drowned rats!

We really love our puppy!

Spring has arrived

Have a wonderful Saturday!

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