Friday, April 13, 2012

They'll Go On.

Yesterday I got one of those phone calls you never want to get.

It wasn't one of those life-changing phone calls that everyone will get several times in their life... but it was a call saying that someone close to me had received a life-changing call.  The kind of call that doesn't break my heart directly, but because I know the people involved, my heart is broken for them.

Last night as Chris and I were trying to fall asleep, I was heartsick to know that it was a mother's first night without her youngest little boy.  Last night was the first night of every night that a mother will be missing her little boy.

The five-year-old nephew of my cousin (specifically of my cousin's husband) went to be with Jesus yesterday -- very suddenly.

This little guy was in my cousin and her husband's wedding just over a year ago, and Chris and I are just heartsick for his parents and my cousin and her husband.

What is your response when things like this happen?
Do you pray?  Do you send a card?  Do you bring dinner?
We do all of these (although, we cannot bring dinner because they are on the other side of the country)... but most often my response is to hug my husband longer than I normally do.  I squeeze my animals longer than I normally do.  I call my brother and tell him to hug my nephews for me and I hug them longer the next time I see them.  I try to plan something extra special for my students the next day and especially treasure the time I have teaching them.

When tragedy strikes just outside our immediate family -- close enough to see but not quite close enough to grieve, I try to remember to treasure my loved ones because life can change in an instant.  Even if life doesn't change in an instant... life will change inevitably.

Have you ever heard the song by Josh Turner, "She'll Go On"?  The song is about women at different ages -- spend time with your little girl because she'll go on.  Spend time treasuring your wife because she'll go on.  Spend time cherishing your mother because she'll go on.

Even if you are fortunate enough to avoid sudden tragedy, things still change.  Your little ones will not always be little ones.  Your family pets will not always be healthy and happy and a part of your family.  Your parents will not always be a phone call away.  Your siblings will not always be around. Your husband will not always be snoring in your bed next to you.

Treasure your little ones today.  Give them many extra hugs and kisses.

And please pray for this family in New York who are just beginning the long process of grieving the loss of their son, brother, nephew, and grandson.

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