Monday, April 2, 2012

My Handy Hubby!

I have such a handy hubby!

When we got home from Vail on Saturday, I unpacked and vacuumed... while he built us a shelf for our recycle bins.

This may sound like an odd project for him to build, but we have this puppy who seems to think everything within his reach is his toy... including our recyclables.  In the past few months we have found chewed aluminum cans, cardboard, newspaper, aluminum foil and glass all around our yard.  On many-a-day, I have felt like a garbage man walking around my yard picking up pieces of trash.

We either needed to find a new place for the recyclables or put them on a shelf out of the dog's reach.

MY HUBBY BUILT THE PERFECT SHELF FOR THEM!  They are out of the dog's reach and they look really nice and organized!

I have heard from both Chris and his family that he has built things and that he's a good carpenter, but I had never actually seen his work.  HE IS SUCH A HANDY HUBBY!!!

That leaves our puppy free to play with actual dog toys instead of dangerous and messy recyclables.

Jumping at water...

Wouldn't he just love a sprinkler?

Happy Monday, and Happy April!

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