Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Great Feelings This Week

This week, I've taken the time to recognize a few really great feelings so far this week.

Before I do that, however, I want to take a minute to wish my hubby a Happy Ten Months of Marriage!  Thank you for making my life paradise!

Please bear with me... some things just feel great:
  • Crawling into a bed with clean sheets
  • Trying a new recipe and deciding it was a success
  • My hubby hears that someone from his school needs help with something... its something I'm pretty good at, so he calls me and puts us in touch so I can help
  • Taking my kitty to the vet and hearing that she's in excellent health -- plus it was fun to have an outing just the two of us
  • Hearing my hubby say that he left his computer at home today because he wants to spend the evening with his beautiful wife (<3)
  • Having a friend contact me because she was reading something for graduate school that immediately made her think of me, so she sent me the link
  • Working out and having muscles that are tired, but not sore
  • Meeting a woman that has lost 63 lbs in 8 months because she made a goal last year to run a 5K with her daughter -- what an inspiration!  The race is coming up in ten days and this woman is ready!
  • Putting a new outfit together and deciding that it works **note, not buying a new outfit, but putting a skirt, top and sweater together that I've never worn together before all from within my closet**
  • Snuggling with my hubby after a long day
  • Hearing that friends have welcomed a healthy new baby into the world and into their family
All in all, a really great start to the week.

What are some great feelings you've had so far this week?

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  1. Happy 10 month Anniversary Darlin'. You make me happier every day. I love you.


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