Thursday, August 4, 2011

Rifle Bound and Wedding Events: Friday Shower

 The fun wedding events continued on Friday morning with a few friends and me getting manicures.  My parents were wonderful and opened their home to a number of my single girlfriends coming in for the wedding.  The manicures was a fun time with them along with a couple of bridesmaids as well.
 After the manicures was a bridal shower hosted by my parents' next door neighbor, who hosted a number of my out-of-town girlfriends in her lovely home.  These gals had come in from all over the country (Texas, Boston, New York, Colorado, Virginia, St. Louis... and more) and it was so special to have a shower with them and to spend more time with them while they were here.
 My good friend and bridesmaid, Meghan brought her adorable baby girl, Remington Lee, who was an absolute doll.  She was a happy little girl for all of the wedding events.

The gifts were lingerie themed, and it was a fun time.

I'm able to post these wedding events a little at a time... it will be a process as there are memories I want to share.

Meanwhile, Chris and I move into a place tomorrow.  We are moving to Rifle.  I'm practicing my red-neck voice as I say, "This summer I married a hunter and moved to Rifle!"

The Lord was so faithful to find us the perfect rental in our budget in the few days we had to look.  We are so grateful and very excited to begin the process of moving in together, unpacking and organizing our first home.  I get a little choked up just thinking about it.

Other events that have had me choked up this week:
I got to pray over husband before he left for work.
I got to pray for my husband while he was at work.
We went through the process of looking at rentals, comparing options, praying about the situation and making a decision together where we will live this next year.
I'm getting more and more used to introducing myself as Brooke Miller.

I am so in love with my husband.  I still get all giddy at that sentence... my husband!

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  1. I love reading about your wedding festivities! Love the pictures! :)

  2. Love reading about all that has been happening in your life. So thankful you and your husband found a rental.


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