Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Dream Wedding: The Flowers

Chris and my wedding really was a dream wedding... the most beautiful, perfect wedding that has ever been -- every bride is allowed to think that, right?

I wanted our wedding to be elegant, beautiful, classic, timeless.

For the colors, I wanted black, silver/grey, and purple with a dark red and light pink accents.

Also, I saw bouquets like these in a magazine before the wedding, and I loved the idea of the contrast between the bride's bouquet and the bridesmaids' bouquets.

Here are some fun pictures involving the flowers:

 These Bride and Groom flower people stood outside the doors of our reception to welcome the guests

I really have no idea how to get my photos to go where I want them to go in the order I want them since blogger changed its way of uploading.  It makes blogging a lot more frustrating and less enjoyable.
Nevertheless, I hope you enjoyed a peek at our flowers.
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  1. Everything looked beautiful! Love the cake topper. :-)


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