Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Vocabulary Adjustments -- My Husband

What phrases in your life have taken some getting used to?

  • I never had to adjust to saying "my brother" or "my sister", as I was the youngest...
  • My parents both stayed together throughout my life (Praise God, and Great Job, Momma and Daddy!), so I never had to adjust to saying "My step-dad", or "My parents are divorced."
  • I remember, when a young man asked to be my very first boyfriend in high school, it was a BIG adjustment for me to call someone my "boyfriend" and to think of myself as his "girlfriend" (oh, memories...)
  • Probably the biggest adjustment to my vocabulary was when I got my cat, Lexie, and it was a new thing for me to refer to my kitten, and then to remember her name... I would say "Lexie" unnecessarily because it was such an adjustment for me to be talking to a kitten in my small studio apartment in grad school and I was trying to get used to it...
Getting used to saying the words, "My Husband" and "Brooke Miller" has been the greatest and biggest and BEST adjustment of my life!  I am used to it... in that I don't accidentally call Chris my fiance' anymore (like I accidentally did a few times on our honeymoon)... but I notice "husband" every time I say it.  Just like I notice every time I introduce myself as Brooke Miller.  

Chris still isn't even used to my new name.  The other day he was trying to get me to say that I prefer a cold house to a hot house, and he said, "Repeat after me.  'I, Brooke Sanden,'" ... it took a little while for both of us to realize that he didn't actually say my correct name during that vow.

Just like with my kitten, I say "Hubby" and "Husband" more often than necessary because it is just such a GREAT change!  I call Chris, "Hubby" as often as I call him, "Chris", and I greatly enjoy saying, "My husband" in a conversation more than, "Chris".  :-D

I wonder if becoming a parent and gaining the title of "Mom" will be as big of a vocabulary adjustment as it has been becoming "Wife"?

How do you handle adjustments in life?

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