Sunday, August 14, 2011

Wedding Events: Friday Rehearsal

Friday afternoon (June 24, 2011) was Chris and my rehearsal, which also marked the first event where ALL of our family and bridal party members got together.

I must confess, when I first greeted ALL of the people there -- ALL of these people, most of whom didn't know each other, but knew Chris or me from a number of different phases of our lives.  All of them in one place was a little overwhelming -- and even more overwhelming was the idea that we were all going to somehow become in any way organized to rehearse ANYTHING, let alone Chris and my wedding.

Just a few of the MANY people waiting for instructions...
Fortunately, ours was not the first wedding rehearsal that our minister and the church's wedding coordinator had organized -- although the wedding coordinator did tell my mom that ours was the most smoothly run and organized wedding she had ever helped coordinate.  This was largely due to our amazing friends who stood up with us in the wedding, our WONDERFUL ushers who kept track of all they were supposed to do, our fabulous musicians (friends of mine) who are incredibly professional in all that they do, and my Sanden family need to think through every detail prior to an actual event.  All things came together for a productive rehearsal and PERFECT wedding.  :-D

Here are some pictures of our wedding rehearsal... I've tried like 9 times to put them in order, but they want to be in a random order today, so enjoy a mirage of pictures from the wedding rehearsal:
Look at these handsome men!
 Our AWESOME ushers!
My cute nephews were the "Flag Bearers"
 Chris sat his mom and and my mom... here he is walking his mom down the isle.
My dad and me coming down the isle...
 After my dad gives me away

Chris walking my mom down the isle
Only my dad walking me down the isle, but after the congregation is seated, my mom came forward so that both she and my dad stood beside me to "Give me away"... here we are hugging before she and my dad return to their seats.

Introducing our friends and family to everyone

I was fortunate enough to have 5 bridal shower with different friends and family across the country... those provided enough ribbon bouquets for all the gals to carry a practice bouquet.
Listening to Rev Tim's instructions

 My old roommate (until this past May), Maggie, read our old and new testament scriptures.

 My good friend, Leah was a terrific baby-sitter for baby Remington during the wedding events so Remy's mom, Meghan could be bridesmaid extraordinaire!
  My first harp teacher, Mary Wagner, provided our amazing prelude, processional, recessional and postlude music.
Our friends, Abbie (pianist), Julian (singer) and Lisa (singer) provided AMAZING special music for our wedding.  Here Julian and Lisa are singing "The Prayer" by Josh Groban and Charlotte Church.  Abbie is my good friend from childhood, Julian and I were both music majors at Washington and Lee University and Lisa and I were roommates at W&L.  The music these friends provided were my favorite parts of the ceremony (other than becoming Chris' wife)...

 Practicing communion, which was our first act as husband and wife
 Beautiful music creates tears...
 Three of our four ushers.  Check out these good-looking guys, Nick (Chris' brother), Jon (Chris' friend) and Daniel (Chris' brother-in-law)
 This sand was used in our ceremony and these amazing friends were my sand girls -- they prepared the sand, manned the tables and were the beautiful, friendly faces welcoming our guests.
 Chris and I faced the congregation for as much of the ceremony as possible
 Getting choked up with the music
 Our friends Lisa and Abbie perform "How Beautiful" by Twila Paris

Someone took a picture of the EXIT sign, which I think is pretty funny.  Next stop: rehearsal dinner!

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