Monday, August 1, 2011

Routines and Blog Difficulties

Am I alone in that, when I lose my routine... for whatever reason, I REALLY lose my routine?  Is anyone else that way?  My lack of blogging for most of the summer has simply been a change in my routine (or in some ways, not having a routine) for the summer.  And when I don't have a routine... just that, I don't have a routine, so my routine things (like blogging) just don't happen.

Hopefully a routine and some what normal schedule is in sight as Chris and I have arrived in Colorado and he's started work.

We still have to find a place to rent for this year, so prayers are appreciated as we need a place immediately and we trust that the Lord has a place... we just have to find it.

One question for anyone who can help -- I have a new email address because my old email address was my maiden name.  They are both gmail email addresses and I've been able to transfer just about everything with minimal difficulty.  The biggest problem has been my blog.  I have changed my email address under the notifications and under the administrators for the blog -- but I can only post to my blog from my old email address.  When I sign in to blogger under my new email address, it does not show me as the author of my blog.  Only under my old email do I have publishing capabilities.  And again, I have added my new email address as having publishing capabilities.  It's a little frustrating when pretty much everything else in my life is becoming more and more accustomed to being Mrs. Miller.  If you have any tips, PLEASE share because I am very non-savvy when it come to blog capabilities and inabilities. 

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  1. What if you added another admin, using your new email address, and then delete the admin name associated with your old email address? Maybe you are saying you already tried that, but that's really all I can think of; hopefully something works.


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