Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Treasuring the Present: When It's Easy to Look Ahead

I want to get back into the habit of treasuring the present each week, so here it goes:

Right now, it is so easy to look ahead.

I am trying to do two jobs at the same time -- prepare for a new school year in Colorado AND soak up all the O&M practicum teaching experience I can.  It keeps me hopping, and it is hard to not think about a few weeks from now when I will only have one job to keep me busy instead of two.  But I want to treasure this time.  I am very busy, but it keeps me from having too much time on my hands to miss my hubby.  If I have to be this busy, at least it is a time when my Momma is fixing me dinners every night, and my baby is still safe in my belly, not requiring much of my attention.  It is easy to look ahead, but I want to treasure the fact I can devote so much time and energy to two jobs right now, because it may not always be like this.

I am eager to feel the baby move.  I haven't had much time for prenatal reading as of late, but what I have been able to skim has said that I could feel the baby any day -- any time in the next two weeks.  I am SO eager for those first flutters, and all that follows, but I am trying to cherish the present.  I am sure there will be a time when the movement is not so welcomed, like when I'm trying to sleep, or when the baby is getting really big.  I need to treasure this time, when I have not yet felt movement -- only anticipation.

It is easy to look ahead to what this year might hold -- mostly because Hubby and I are having to plan our schedules, discuss travel for the next 16 months, and request maternity leave for this winter.  We are having to look ahead and think about specifics of the future, and so it is hard to focus on the here and now.  I need to cherish this time when we are still figuring out how we are going to spend this year.  I need to cherish this time when it is still possible to believe that a substitute will be found to cover my maternity leave (and my work won't just sit, and pile up, and remain untouched for three months).  I need to cherish this time, when not everything is decided yet -- because even once everything is "planned" -- we're talking about a Baby.  Seriously, what are the chances things will go according to plan?

What are you treasuring today?

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