Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Treasuring the Present: Time with Mom and Dad

 Okay, I'm a day behind with my Treasuring the Present Tuesdays post... but Monday night I was WAAAAY too exhausted to write a long thoughtful post, so I'm just switching things up.

This week, I am really treasuring this time that I'm in Michigan with my parents.  This will be my fourth week at home -- one week of fun, one week working in Kalamazoo while Chris was still in Michigan, and two weeks of working in Kalamazoo living with my parents.

For 18 years I had my parents entirely to myself -- for better or for worse -- I had all of their attention whether I wanted it or not.  For most of my life, my dad has been retired, so when I say I had all of their attention, I REALLY had ALL of their attention.  There are times, I can assure you, I DID NOT WANT IT, but that's the way it was for 18 years.

In the years since leaving for college, I really came to cherish those rare weeks when I would come home and spend time with my parents.  The comfort of home, the peace and quiet of family, the laughter at the same jokes, the delicious home cooked meals, and more were treasured weeks and, again, I had my parents all to myself.

Now, two years into my marriage, my parents and I still manage to have a little time just the three of us, but most of the time, we are a four-some -- and that is wonderful.  Chris is such a perfect addition to our family and we love all that he adds to our family.  But, the fact we are now four makes those rare times when we are again three all the more special.

And now... I am expecting a baby.

Will I have my parents to myself again - EVER?  I'm thinking "No" is a safe answer here.  The days of my being the object of their undivided attention -- AND their being the object of my undivided attention -- is rapidly closing, and I am treasuring these last few days together.

I miss my husband like crazy, but I am so grateful for this very fleeting time when my parents and I are again "three".

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