Saturday, August 10, 2013

Friday Letters: On Saturday

  • Dear Blog, I have not devoted as much thought to you lately as usual.  I trust when my hubby heads for the hills -- literally, heads back to Colorado (today), I will have more time in the evenings for more thoughtful posts.  For the past two weeks, I have been soaking up every minute with him, and my attention to you has suffered.  I am not sorry for this, as time with Hubby is all too precious and fleeting, and blog is all too trivial.
  • Dear Michigan Practicum Placement, One week down, Two to go.  This placement is going by SO MUCH more quickly than Tucson.  Its amazing how much being around family enhances an experience -- any experience.
  • Dear Momma and Daddy, Thanks for letting me live at home while I'm working in Kalamazoo... and thank you for letting my hubby, two animals, and my pregnant self turn your house into a circus for a few weeks every summer.  Something tells me the circus is just going to get crazier and crazier as the years progress...
  • Dear Hubby, I am going to miss you so much, but I am so glad we have had these two weeks together.   For the first week, you were drowning in graduate school summer classes, and for the second week, I was working all day every day, but I would rather wake up to you every morning and kiss you goodbye, and fall into bed with you every night and kiss you goodnight rather than be away from you.  Even the little time we have had together this summer is INFINITELY better than the time a part!  I will miss you during these two weeks when you're back in Colorado and I'm still in Michigan.
  • Dear Lloyd, Take good care of Daddy in Colorado.  I will miss you too.
  • Dear Nugget (our name for Baby), I'm getting excited to feel you move -- should be any time in the next two weeks.
  • Dear Lexie, You and I will have two more weeks of bonding time with Gammie and Papa, but then you are coming back to Colorado with me, and you're old life with your dad and brother.  You've had many, many weeks in paradise, and you need to know that, when the time comes, your vacation is over.
  • Dear Saturday, I am SOOOO looking forward to sleeping in today!  Thank you for existing.
  • Dear Michigan Football, THREE WEEKS UNTIL KICKOFF!

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