Sunday, August 11, 2013

How Are You Feeling?

When people (especially women) learn that I am pregnant, the most common question to follow is, "How are you feeling?"

I'm never really sure how to answer this.  I suppose they are wondering if I am suffering morning sickness or other common aches and pains of pregnancy, but I am really unsure how to answer.  And really, who wants to hear my complain about physical pregnancy challenges -- believe me, I have them, but when these woman ask how I'm feeling, I don't think they really want the answers.

How am I feeling?

Emotional.  Excited.  Terrified.  Overwhelmed.  Ecstatic.  Nauseous (physically and mentally).  Tired.  Hungry.  Sick.  Scared.  Womanly.  Wifely.  Large.  Blessed.  Burdened.  Prayerful.  Amazed.  Full of disbelief.  Shocked.  Unprepared.  Hopeful.  Petrified.  Motherly.

And about 1000 more emotions every day.

How am I feeling?  You REALLY don't want to know.

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  1. I think they do want to know :) When people ask me this, I just answer like you did ;) Women just want to be reassured they are/were normal when they felt overwhelmed and sick and unsure about what kind of mommy they were going to be. And they want to reassure you that you are normal! Because you are :)

  2. I can totally relate. This drove me crazy because unless you're pregnant, no one ever asks you "how do you feel" so much. By the end of my pregnancy I would respond "I feel fine, how do you feel?" I wanted people to just say hi, how are you, not how are you feeling. It always felt like people wanted an open ticket to talk about bodily things we would otherwise never ever share. I know people mean it to be nice but after getting that ten times a day every day, it makes you crazy.

  3. Haha! I always think it's funny when people ask me that too, but yet, I always ask pregnant mommies!

    How many weeks are you now? I am so excited for you and praying for you as you face so many different emotions on a daily basis - I completely understand! :)


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