Friday, August 16, 2013

Friday Letters: Yay Friday!

  • Dear Friday, YAY!!!  I'm so glad you're here!
  • Dear Lexie, You are so adorable with my parents.  I don't think the baby will ever compare to their love and adoration for you.
  • Dear Bed, You have been amazing this week.  When I awaken, my first thought is when I can be reunited with you again.  I hope we spend a lot of quality time together this weekend.
  • Dear Hubby,  I miss you a lot... and its been tough this week because you're back to work and you have NO TIME to talk.  I hope your time preparing for students has been going well, and I hope we can talk a little more frequently this weekend or next week.
  • Dear Kalamazoo Job,  I'm feeling like I am in a good rhythm with you... just in time for my last week.  I have had a great experience here so far, and I'm excited for my last week.
  • Dear Exercising, It's been good to reunite with you this week... but I am so tired, and my dogs are barking -- isn't that what people say when they're feet are tired?  My feet are tired!
  • Dear Lloydey, I miss you.
  • Dear Mom and Daddy, It's been so nice to come home to you both every evening.  Thank you for taking care of me.  I'm enjoying this time when it is just "us"... for crying out loud, I'm about to have a baby -- will it ever be just us again?
  • Dear Momma,  Only three more days before you turn 60... you're entering a new decade.  I'm sure this will be the best one yet.
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