Monday, August 19, 2013

Happy Birthday, Mom!

I have the best Mom in the world.  There is no contest here.  She simply is the best.

My mom is my best friend and we talk to each other 6 days out of 7.  For years, my dad thought it was unhealthy that Mom and I talked on the phone so often.  Now, if Mom hasn't told him what I'm up to in the past two days, he gets worried that something is wrong because I haven't called mom in two whole days.  :-D

I have my mom's sense of humor.  Sometimes, I have my mom's lack of a sense of humor.  When something happens in my life, or someone says something that I find funny, I always tell my husband, and he might chuckle.  But then I call my mom, and she and I will ROAR with laughter over this comment, or situation.  We just feed off of each other, and she is always the one I want to tell.

She and I tell stories the same way (my dad actually falls in this category too) -- my husband would describe it as "Way too many details."  But often the details are what makes a story worth telling.

Even now, when I am 29 1/2 years old... expecting my first child, my mom is my cheerleader, my coach, my cook, my tailor (we were up late last night trying to set the hem length for maternity pants), my confidant, my best friend, the one who knows me the best (tied with my hubby), the one who knows me at my best, and my worst, the one who tells me when to buck up, and the one who tells me when its okay to break down.

I love you, Momma, and I feel so fortunate that you are my Mother.
I feel even more fortunate that you will be my child's Grandmother.

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