Sunday, August 25, 2013


It feels SO amazing to be home.

I use the world "home" interchangeably for two locations -- Muskegon, MI, the residence where I grew up, and Rifle, CO, where  my husband and I rent a little house and have made a life together.  Arriving home to Rifle a few days ago, I think I have officially passed the threshold of Michigan being home where I grew up, where I come from... but our little home in Rifle is HOME, where I belong.

I have not lived at our home in Rifle since May 31, and in my first 36 hours home, I am overwhelmed with a new appreciation for all sort of things about our little home:
  • Pictures on our walls -- I LOVE that our walls are adorned with pictures of our family, friends, wedding and life -- in every room of our house is evidence of our love and our blessings
  • Our bed -- OH MY GOSH, OUR BED IS SO COMFORTABLE!!!!  I've always been comfortable in our bed, but it wasn't until I slept in four different beds throughout this summer and then arrived home that I realized ON MY GOSH, OUR BED IS SO COMFORTABLE!!!
  • Our kitchen -- our dishes, organization, oven, and dishwasher -- its our kitchen.  We know where everything is and what the system is.
  • Relaxing -- It's our home, so Hubby and I can unload the car late Friday night and leave suitcases all over the family room all day Saturday without inconveniencing anyone else -- I'll get to unpacking on Sunday.  Saturday was all about recovery.
  • Animals -- having both of our animals safely under the same roof again.  I don't think Lexie is overjoyed to be sharing a house with Lloyd again... but we're overjoyed to have her back.
There are more wonderful things about being home, but those are just the few that come to mind right away.  It is so wonderful to be home with my Hubby.

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