Thursday, August 29, 2013


This week seems to be a week of recovery... I didn't know we needed a week of recovery, but apparently we do.  I knew that last weekend was going to be spent resting, but I wasn't expecting my first week back to be so tiring.

It's not like I've been lounging around a pool eating bon-bons all summer -- I've been working NONSTOP since last school year!  I've been up and working at 7am or earlier the ENTIRE SUMMER.  Learning in Greeley, working in Tucson, working in Kalamazoo, working in Colorado... what's the difference?  No extra rest needed... or so I thought.

This week, both Hubby and I have had NO EXTRA energy for anything!  Our entire week has been work, sleep, eat, and cuddle.

Anything that was on our list to do this week that doesn't have to get done, hasn't gotten done.  I'm so glad I unpacked last weekend, otherwise, I'm SURE the suitcases would still be scattered around our living room.

A haircut was not gotten by hubby.
The laundry was not done by me.
vacuuming was not done by me.
The dishes were rarely done by me.
Cooking was not done by either one of us -- it was microwave cooking ALL week!
Dusting was not done by me.
Exercising was not done by either of us.
Grocery shopping was not done by either of us.
We're really lucky that either one of us showered.
Seriously, we have worked, slept, eaten, and cuddled.
We have just been soaking up our time together.  We were a part for most of the summer, and I'm off to Texas for my last practicum placement in another few weeks.  Sure, our laundry is not done, and some dog hair adorns corners of our house... but we are happily soaking up this time together and recovering from our summer a part.
The laundry and dog hair will be there next week.

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