Thursday, August 22, 2013

Last Day!

Today is my last day in Kalamazoo, and it completely snuck up on me.  Part of this is due to the fact, that I had originally planned to be in Kalamazoo until Friday afternoon... but Wednesday some schedules with students changed, and both my supervising teachers and I agreed that it made the most sense for Thursday to be my last day.

So, all of a sudden, today is my last day.

This placement has been so enjoyable and completely different from my placement in Tucson (not that my placement in Tucson wasn't enjoyable).  I have been working with adults, and learning about a totally different population of students.  I feel so fortunate that I get to learn in so many settings and with such a wide range of ages.

Last night was spent packing and loading the car, and this evening is going to be spent savoring this last time with the parents and getting to bed EARLY!!!  The plan is to wake up really really REALLY early Friday morning (like, many people would still consider it Thursday night) and drive from Muskegon to Rifle on Friday. 

The drive should take about 21.5 hours... but I gain two hours on the drive.  I will stop if I have to, but I'm hoping I can get home on Friday.

Prayers are appreciated for my safe travel.

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