Friday, August 30, 2013

Friday Letters: Football!

  • Dear Friday, Welcome Friend.
  • Dear Work, I am exhausted.  Are you sure it is Labor Day Weekend?  I'm pretty sure it is Memorial Day Weekend and a much-needed summer break is right around the corner.
  • Dear Baby, Hubby and I are excited to go to a doctor's appointment this afternoon.  We haven't heard your heart-beat since you were 8 weeks along.  Now, you're nearly 18 weeks along -- we are SOOO ready to hear from the doctor that you are growing like you're supposed to be.
  • Dear Michigan Football, Mentally, I'm really excited for your season opener tomorrow... but to be honest, it doesn't feel like fall to me.  If anything, it feels like Spring -- a season when I've been working for months and am ready for a break.  College football season is a fresh start after a nice vacation.  That is not what I'm feeling right now.  Nevertheless, I will be dressed in Maize and Blue on Saturday and tuning in to watch my team beat Central Michigan.
  • Dear Hubby, I love you so much, but I have never been so jealous of your 4-day work weeks.  Maybe would could pull a Freaky Friday sometime?  And it should be on a Friday, because that's the day you have off.  Let me know what you think.
  • Dear Pregnancy Books, Are you available as books on tape?  I think that's going to be my only chance to do any of the mother-to-be reading that I'm supposed to be doing.
  • Dear Lloyd, We really need to entertain you more often.  I think you need a little puppy sibling, but now isn't really the time.  You're about to get a new human sibling, and that's enough family addition for the moment.
  • Dear Lexie, Why can't you play with Lloyd so we won't feel the need to get a puppy sibling?  YOU could be the fun, playful sibling for Lloyd, but I think you might need a personality change, or a hypnosis treatment before that's going to happen.
  • Dear Hubby, Thank you for taking such good care of me.  I'm trying to take good care of our little Nugget, and you're really doing everything you can to take care of me.  It makes me want you not to head out hunting this month.  I guess I need to pray that you get your animal RIGHT AWAY -- first morning out, so that you can spend the rest of the month home with me!  Good luck!
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