Saturday, January 26, 2013

Year of Dates: January

My hubby gave me a WONDERFUL gift for Christmas... a year of dates.

This does not mean 365 dates... it means 12 dates.

An OFFICIAL date night every month for the year 2013.

We treat ourselves to dinners out or special weekends here and there, but we don't officially call them dates.  I LOVE the idea that every month this year we are going to do something and CALL it Date Night.

Last night was our Date Night for January... and it was wonderful.  It took us three tries to find a date, but when we did, we had a blast.  :-D

Initially, the plan was going to be bowling... but they have special Dollar Days on Sunday... so we figured it didn't make sense to pay full price tonight when we could pay 1/4 the cost if we went back on Sunday.

Next, we headed for dinner at Rib City before I remembered that we had Ribs for my birthday, and they didn't really sound good again so soon.

Lastly, we hit the jackpot... SONIC!

We are total nerds, but we are also completely in love and we had a blast at Sonic.  We treated the dinner like we were at a real restaurant.  We ordered appetizers.  Then we ordered the main course.  And the plan was to then order dessert, but we were full after the main course and decided to head home to curl up in bed with an old comedy.

We played music from our phones through the truck speakers and sang out loud with our windows down... we felt like teenagers.

At one point, we went in to kiss each other, and Lloyd (from the backseat) stuck his head right between our lips at the last minute.  It was pretty funny.

What a perfect date night to commence our Year of Dates.

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