Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Michigan Christmas 2012

It is so hard for me to post images of Christmas close to Christmas because Chris and I just go from one family to the other family back to Colorado, and back to work, and before we know it, its my birthday...

That being said, I really do want to post some images of our Christmas celebrations.

Our trip to Michigan did not go exactly according to plan.  I came down with a stomach bug, many of our friends and family came down with the flu, and Lloyd injured his nail which created an injured puppy.  Our trip to Michigan was wonderful, but quieter than we expected.

My parents always have a beautiful, real Christmas tree!

And Santa finds us no matter where we are celebrating...

My mom's beautiful Christmas table was never used while we were there... we were supposed to have a wonderful Christmas dinner with some close family friends, but people from every family was sick, and Grandma is 91 and needs to stay healthy, so we canceled the big get-together and Mom's table stayed beautifully set.

Christmas morning on December 31st!

Momma got a calendar full of pictures of our family

Santa is making sure hubby is continuing his Michigan apparel collection.

This gift tag made me laugh and smile and get up and kiss my hubby!

One of the best gifts from my hubby... a Gift Certificate for a year of dates!  :-D

He taped it to my book so I would think I was getting a book, but actually got the Date Gift Certificate.

I gave Mom and Daddy a cross-stitch I made for them... more on thing in another post.

But they loved it and appreciated all my work.  :-D

Mom won a Michigan Goody Basket in fundraiser, and it made an AWESOME Christmas present for me.  It was full of a Michigan tee-shirt, Frisbee, cooler, blanket, coffee mug, deck of cards, and the basket itself! 

We exchange Christmas cards to each other on Christmas morning as well as presents.

My favorite gift from my Hubby was the beginning of the Willow Tree Nativity Scene

I will post more about this in days to come, but sufficed to say, I wasted no time in putting the Nativity Scene up at my parents house, and then up at our house when we returned to Rifle.

This ornament was a gift to Daddy... and kind of an inside joke because he was a little Doogie Howser in college and med school.  In a word, he was a Smart Cookie!

Vanderbilt BEAT NC State in the Music City Bowl on December 31.  Here I'm making the VU hand sign while I was watching the game.
My nails were all dressed up for New Year's Eve... Chris and I had planned to go out and celebrate On The Town for the first time ever since we'd met, but I was still recovering from my stomach bug, so we stayed in and my nails were the most dressed up part of me.

Almost 2013.

HAPPY NEW YEAR!  I think Lexie is hilarious in these pictures.

I took a picture of this Christmas card because I thought it had such beautiful words and I wanted to be able to find them later. 

When the illness passed, we ventured out and visited my Grandma (the one who is 91 and was supposed to come to Christmas dinner).  It was so nice to visit with her.

Then we met my good friend, Katie and her hubby for dinner.  They live in Eastern Michigan, and my parents live in West Michigan, so we met half-way for dinner and catching-up.

My parents really love when Lexie and Lloyd add some excitement to their house.  Here is Dad playing with Lloyd.

Dad learned that Lloyd is really strong.  :-D

 We had a WONDERFUL Christmas in Michigan.

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