Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Nativity in Our House

The Nativity in Our House is not simply a Christmas decoration.
The Nativity in our house is a staple... at least that's what we've decided since this past Christmas.

Have you ever wanted something, but not wanted to buy it for yourself... and not wanted to just ask for it and receive it?
My parents understand this -- a hope deferred... waiting to go to a special restaurant on a special occasion, not just go to the special restaurant on any ordinary day.  My mom is still waiting for the zippy, little sport's car, she's wanted for years and is hoping my dad will get her eventually.
To receive a piece of jewelry from someone special, once in a blue moon and really love the meaning and the sentiment behind that one, rare piece of jewelry.

I have wanted the Willow Tree People Nativity Scene for YEARS... but, like the aforementioned gifts, I didn't want to just buy them for myself.

I have two very little Nativity Scenes that I bought at Wal-Greens when my parents came to spend Christmas with me in Nashville one Christmas.  Since I wasn't going home for Christmas, I decided I needed more Christmas decorations, and, of course, that included Nativity scenes.  I happily put my little Nativity scenes out every Christmas... but I looked forward to the day when I would have the beautiful, elegant, large Willow People Nativity Scene.

This Christmas, my wonderful Hubby bought me the first part of the gorgeous Nativity scene -- the core:  Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus, a Shepherd, sheep, and donkey.  I was overjoyed at this beautiful beginning to our family Nativity set.

Unlike my family, my husband's family does not really understand wanting something but waiting to buy it.  They really operate under the idea if, if you want it, then buy it.  My family is more of, if you want it, wait until you've earned it, or receive it as a gift, or have a coupon for it, or treat yourself on a very special occasion... the main point, though, is wait.

So, when my mother-in-law heard that my Hubby had given me the first pieces of the Willow People Nativity Scene... she knew exactly what to get me for my birthday (less than a month after Christmas)... more Nativity pieces.

So, in a span of 3 weeks, I went from hoping to eventually, over the course of several years, receive, little-by-little, the pieces to the Willow People Nativity Scene... to owning every piece of the Nativity set I would want (the Shepherd and animals, Creche, and Angel) from the set except the Three Kings (I have something to hope for next year :-D).

I am so in love with this Nativity set and think it is so utterly gorgeous, that I couldn't bare to put it away after my birthday...

... Hence the decision that the Nativity in our house will remain up year round.

We see no reason to put away a decoration that commemorates our Savior's miraculous birth.  People have Crosses with Jesus on them hanging in their homes more than just at Easter, and so we are, at present, a Year-Round Nativity House.

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