Saturday, January 19, 2013

Brooke the Lover

If you were at our wedding, you would have heard part of this, but most of you probably weren't, so let me tell you about our first date.

Our first night out together was, well, not an ordinary date.

Our first date was on the night our Christmas break started from school.  We had just spent half of our day chatting on the school district chat service while our kids did what most kids did on the last day before a long break, watch movies.

After school our constant communication continued while I drove around in my truck.  She mentioned that she had some tickets to a local play at the high school. I think I was even more dense than I am now, because I said something like, "oh, that sounds fun."

Well, it finally sunk in and we made plans to see the play that night.  The play was fun, but that was just the beginning.  Later that night we also took an awesome drive up in the mountains.  We almost slid off of the side of a cliff into a frozen lake, and I did my best to hide my concern for our near certain peril.  She just rode along and kept talking the whole time to this guy she just met.  We did get out of the deep snow and didn't slide off of the mountain.

However, before our adventurous ride, we stopped by a high school girl's house to help her with a problem.  That was the day I met, Brooke the lover.  Brooke really loved on this high school girl and a little toddler that was with her.  I saw what kind of heart Brooke had, and on that night, my heart was her's.

Brooke loves deeply.  From high school kids, to foreign orphans, to puppies and kittens, and every other type of living creature in need of love, Brooke's heart was made with the over abundance of love for everything God created.

When it comes to her husband, she really knows how to love as well.  I could not be more blessed to have someone that has a heart of gold.  Every day I am held, kissed, served, and loved deeply.  Most people say their wedding day is the happiest day of their life, but I feel happier and more loved every day.  The wedding day was just the beginning of our ever-increasing love for each other.

I hope this week I was able to show a little glimpse of how I see my wife.

Happy Birthday Brooke the Giver, the Beautiful, the Fierce, the Blogger, the Driven, and The Lover!

I love you BSM!

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  1. Great Job Chris!! Enjoyed reading your thoughts on Brooke's characteristic traits! Of course I think she is perfect since she is my daughter BUT also love having YOU in our family too. Love, Momma


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