Sunday, January 27, 2013

A Clean House.

We have a clean house.

No, we didn't hire a cleaning woman... but we felt the pressure of MY PARENTS arriving last night to spend the night with us.

They were only going to stay with us about 12 hours, so I thought a number of times last week that it really was hardly worth cleaning for them... the guest room, yes, but the whole house, when they'd only be here 12 hours, and sleeping for 9 of them?

But, my better sense took control and Chris and I spent Saturday cleaning the house.

Our poor house never recovered after Christmas vacation.  We arrived home after two weeks and thousands of miles with many boxes, bags, suitcases, and miscellaneous articles, and they coagulated in our dining room.  The first week back, I made a goal of unpacking at least one box/day.  This went well until the weekend arrived and Chris and I headed to Denver for my birthday... and Chris and I started graduate school.

The bottom line is that our house never recovered.

Saturday not only did EVERYTHING get put away (groceries, work stuff, old mail, Christmas presents, birthday presents, dog toys, clean clothes), laundry got done, the guest room was made ready for guests, dishes got washed, our bed got made, the vacuum cleaner was used in a variety of rooms and capacities... and my wonderful hubby cleaned the bathroom from TOP TO BOTTOM... like Spring Cleaning clean.

By 5:30, we were ready, our house was ready, and we were out the door to go pick up my parents at the airport.

Their plane was diverted to an airport 250 miles away due to fog.

We have a very clean house and no house guests that inspired the very clean house.

But we have a very beautiful, clean house.

I hope I'll be able to find things this week...

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