Thursday, January 3, 2013

Review: LissaLou Designs Etsy Shop

I have never done a blog review mostly because I think of blog reviews as the Blogger gets something for free, and then recommends that product to her many, many readers.

I do not have many, many readers, and I do not receive free products requesting my recommendation.

That being said, I CANNOT NOT write a review for the Etsy Shop, LissaLou Designs!

I shared yesterday that Chris' sister and brother-in-law, Becky and Daniel, are expecting their first baby this summer and we are SOOOO excited for a new niece or nephew (the FIRST niece or nephew on this side of the family).  We wanted to get them special presents this Christmas to celebrate the fact that they are expecting.

I searched Etsy high and low for cute idea for gifts for expectant parents and fell in love with the LissaLou Designs ornaments (she had LOTS of cute items, but I fell in LOVE with her ornaments).

I emailed the designer, not knowing how personalized these ornaments could be, but I shared with her as much information as I could -- I figured she would use the details she could, and leave the information she couldn't.

I sent her an email with the following details:
Expecting The Rodriguez Family Becky and Daniel 
Sex of baby unknown Year: 2012 
Becky is a doctor, Daniel is a fire fighter 
Mom has short blonde hair, dad is Hispanic and tall 
Baby due July 2013

I had no idea what she could do, but I knew we would end up with a nice ornament.

We were THRILLED with the ornament LissaLou Designs made!!!  We could not have asked for a more personalized little representation of their Expectant Family.

The bulb is small and yet the details included were amazing.
Becky is a cute blonde mama, in a white Dr.'s coat with DR on her sleeve with a baby bump... even wearing pink heels!
Daniel is a hispanic fire-fighter, complete with a fire hat that says FD.
It has both their names, EXPECTING, The Rodriguez family, and the year.

We just could not have asked for a cuter, more personalized, PERFECT ornament for Becky and Daniel.

The ornament arrived in PLENTY of time for Christmas -- I don't remember the exact turn-around between ordering it and receiving it, but I want to say it was less than two weeks.

We will DEFINITELY be ordering from LissaLou Designs again when other friends are married, or expecting, or have new babies.

Please visit this gal's Etsy shop and check out some of her great items for yourself.
You can also find her on facebook: Lissa Lou Designs

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