Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Brooke the Fierce

From the stories I have heard from Brooke's childhood, it sounds like she has always been portrayed as a sweet, kind, calm, collected, never-has-a-bad-word-to-say-to-anyone type of girl.
She has had everyone fooled.

Don't get me wrong, Brooke is sweet, caring, loving, and full of smiles and kind words.
She can also be my biggest adversary when I am trying to get some cool new electronic device, hunting gear, or want to work at school late.  She will fight me, for us, until I cave. She is always looking out for our future.  She is fierce for our family.

From late summer until early January, Brooke bleeds blue.  Brooke did not attend colleges in Michigan; that was too close to home.  But you would think she had been born on the 50-yard line of "The Big House."  This fairly calm red-head changes colors when Michigan football is on.  When we were in Mexico in November, local Mexicans lined up to see the tiny fierce gringo at the bar watching Michigan football and bellowing screams at every down, missed pass, and idiotic penalty.  To explain things though, this is not something she can really help. Since I have married into the family, I have found that this genetic mutation is a trait that has been passed down from the normally calm collected Mrs. Sanden.  I'm sure our future kids will be given the same mutation. Brooke is fierce for Michigan Football.

It might surprise many people, but sometimes children aren't given all they should by adults around them.  Every once in a while, a child exists that has a kid for a parent and they don't give the love, support, or attention the child deserves.  Sometimes teachers are trying to help a whole class of students, which means they might not be able to provide enough attention to every student.  Sometimes children are born into lousy situations.  Brooke is a champion that fights for those who need love, attention, and care.  She will do whatever, for however long in order to make sure that every kid she knows has what they need.  That could be working until the wee hours of the night to create materials for kids, or letting parents know they have certain rights to help their children receive services, or sponsoring children in foreign countries so they can have schooling, bibles, and food.  Brooke is fierce for children.

Brooke can blow your ear drums on a Saturday afternoon or ensure that every kid is respected and loved, but I know one thing; she cannot do anything half-way.  Brooke is fierce for what she believes in.

Happy Birthday Week!

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  1. This is awesome! I love finding out new things about you, Brooke! :)


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