Monday, January 21, 2013

Images of my 29th!

I had planned on posting these pictures of my wonderful 29th birthday celebration a week ago, but with my hubby taking over my blog for the past week with his wonderful birthday messages, I've had a little blogging break.

Now, I'm back and I'm excited to share how we spent a celebration of my turning 29.

Skiing after work...

On my sister's favorite run, where we have a charm to remember her

If you know what you're looking for in these pictures, you can see it.

Off to Denver, with the kiddos for some big city fun!

We went to a Comedy Improv. Musical on Friday night -- it was impressive and hilarious

Saturday morning, I panicked because I couldn't find Lexie... she was sleeping on my clothes inside the dresser drawer.

Saturday morning massage was amazing!

A few hours at a mall... it's unbelievable how enjoyable a few wandering hours in a mall can be to people who live in the middle of no where.

I love the Disney Store, and I think its really improved since I was a kid.

I can't wait to have a little girl, but I fear for my wallet.

The town of Denver had gone Bronco's crazy this weekend because it was the weekend of the Bronco's play-off game.  This was on display at Build-A-Bear workshop.

I found some AMAZING deals at Macy's for some new tops and my hubby bought them for me as an early birthday present!

Lexie playing in our hotel room.

Lloyd wanting to play in our hotel room.

We scored VERY last minute, cheap Broncos playoff tickets.  The high was 10*, and the windchill was WELL below zero!

Here we are bundled up for the game.

We had SOOO much fun!  The stadium was ELECTRIC for two reasons.
1.  It was FREEEEZING so everyone who was there was a DIE-HARD fan.
2.  It was FREEEEZING so everyone who was there was participating in all the jumping, cheering, dancing, hollering to stay warm.
It was an AWESOME thing to be a part of... even though the Broncos lost.

Here's a full picture of us in our bundled game-gear.

I love this little girl.  She wants to cuddle the moment I walk in the door.

Sunday night, we arrived home to way too many cards and presents.

 My face when I turned around to see all the gifts.

Earrings for dress-up from my wonderful hubby.

Long underwear and Pioneer Woman cookbook from my parents.

More parts of the Willow People Nativity Scene from Mom and Dad Miller.

 It was a wonderful birthday!
My 29th year is off to a very blessed and happy start.

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