Monday, January 28, 2013

More is More...

I agree that in many instances, Less is More.

Currently, I am in a stage of life where More is More.

I have so  many things going on at the moment, and somehow I'm managing to do them.  Graduate school is somehow getting done, and because I have so much going on in other areas of my life, I am actually planning ahead for the semester and more on top of things in class than I've ever been before.

I seem to have more transcriptions to start this year than every before and they are more complicated than ever before... and I'm getting them done.  I am using whatever time I have and transcribing like crazy.

I am treasuring my time with my hubby because he just started a grad program too.  When we actually have a moment when both of us are not working or sleeping, we cherish more than we have since we were first married.

I am not wasting time like I have in the past... if I have a moment before my student arrives for a lesson, I am planning the next lesson, responding to an email, reading a quick post from graduate class... doing ANYTHING to use those moments as effectively and efficiently as possible.  If I have a moment to spare at home, I'm grabbing the vacuum cleaner, writing a letter to a friend, trying to plan long-distance baby showers, and trying to start a research paper that's not due until April.

I don't necessarily have my readings for class ahead of time (this drives me CRAZY), so I try to anticipate what my teacher will assign for the next week, so I can start reading ahead.  We read chapter 1 of this book last week, do I think we'll read chapter 2 this week, or chapter 1 of another book?

I am more diligent about doing my  exercises because there is no putting them off.  It's not a question of, "Do I workout now and relax later?"... it is "I won't be relaxing until I fall into bed at 10pm tonight, so I might as well exercise now to try to get enough energy to see me through."

In some ways, I love stages of life like this.  I feel very productive and on-the-ball, and that I'm being a good and responsible steward of my time and talents.  It is a very blessed time in that I can devote so much time and energy to my job and my degree without neglecting children or a husband who needs my time.

In other ways, I know this pace cannot continue forever.  This cannot be a permanent life change of every moment spent feverishly working on work and school and exercise and teaching.  I will burn out at this pace.

In the meantime though, I am more purposeful with my time... even the rare (very rare) time I have to spare, I am write the letters I've been meaning to write, I try to do special things for my hubby, make phone calls to good friends, and treasure time with my parents.

In this case, for now at least, more is more.

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