Saturday, January 5, 2013

Home Sweet Home!

Chris and I left Michigan at 8:30pm EST Thursday night...
and drove and drove and drove and drove...
and arrived in Rifle at 4:30pm MST Friday evening.

It is so nice to be home.

We had a WONDERFUL vacation with both of our families and the two weeks FLEW by, but it is always so nice to come home.

Last night, I found myself making a list of my favorite things about arriving home:
  1. Turning the heat up and feeling and hearing the furnace kick back on
  2. Doing laundry before we travel so when I unpack, I can put clean, folded clothes right from the suitcase to the dresser
  3. Unloading Christmas presents and finding a spot for them in our home and life
  4. Unloading our cooler and ALL THE GOODIES that our families send back with us... homemade canned goods, frozen blueberries, fresh fruit, leftovers, Christmas cookies and more
  5. Coming home in the evening and making dinner from our cooler and NOT having to run right out to the store or order dinner.
  6. The sight of our animals settling back into their home -- Lloyd collapsed on our bed and didn't move from evening until morning
  7. Arriving home Friday night so that we have TWO FULL days to organize the house and prepare for work on Monday.
Its so nice to be home!

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