Thursday, January 10, 2013

Why Was I Surprised?

Today, I am asking myself, "Why was I surprised?"

I have mentioned that Chris and I are both heading back to grad school starting this semester.  It will be a very busy year and one full of learning and exciting opportunities.

Chris and I are excited and we're ready for this year ahead... but I am also nervous for what lies ahead.  I am worried about the work and the deadlines, yes... but I am also worried about the financial aspects of both of us in grad school, at the same time, and the costs over and above tuition -- books, travel as needed, housing as needed, etc.

The Lord has made it abundantly clear time and time again that I am meant to earn this degree this year and I am trusting that He will provide for our needs this entire year and beyond.  He will provide for all our needs -- financial, emotional, time management, knowledge, and strength.

He has already provided for us this first semester in a number of ways.

I was awarded two scholarships in December to help with my tuition both through the International PEO Sisterhood where I'm a member.  The scholarship check arrived within days of my first tuition statement, and my gratitude for the Lord's provision is immense.

In addition, I received several gift cards from Christmas, which I was able to use to help off-set the cost of books (books are REALLY expensive!!!).  The Lord is providing for us and all our needs for this degree.

All of that being said, there are still some very significant logistics and provisions I am praying over regarding this degree.

Specifically, I need housing in Greeley the month of June.
I need a 3 week practicum placement in July.
I need a 3 week practicum placement in August.
I need a 3 week practicum placement in the Fall 2013.
And, I need housing at ALL of these practicum placements.

The Lord has been providing for us in many ways... but I was still surprised.

Today, I called a PEO sister at a chapter in Greeley, Colorado and chatted about whether her chapter Bed and Breakfast might be willing to give me a discounted rate to stay there in the month of June, while I take my class on campus.  We had a very nice conversation and she said she would get back with me after their January meeting, in a few weeks.

I felt good about the conversation, and knew that anything this chapter decided would be in God's hands.  If they came back to me and said they weren't able to help, the Lord would open another door.

This PEO sister called me back less than 20 minutes later to say that she and her husband had spoken, and they would love to have me stay at their home in their spare room for the month of June while I'm studying on campus.

Why was I so surprised?!?!  But I was SOOO Surprised!

I was humbled and grateful and overjoyed and surprised!

I had to ask myself, "Why was I surprised?" give that the Lord has been providing for us through this entire process...

And then I gave myself a break...

I was surprised because one never knows HOW the Lord will provide.

Just because I expected the Lord to provide for us did NOT mean I expected to have a PEO sister offer to host me in June, rent-free, within 20 minutes of our talking.

I wasn't surprised that the Lord provided... I was surprised by how completely, and how far-in-advance the Lord provided.

Thank You, Father!
I am overcome with gratitude and increased faith!

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  1. That's amazing! Our Father cares so much about us :)
    If you ever need to stay in Belgium, just let me know!


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