Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Random Opinions...

Here are some random opinions...

When Alabama and Notre Dame play football, I want them both to lose.  If only one can lose, I want Notre Dame to lose.  Great job, Bama!

Sometimes the best way to create a grateful heart is to receive really mean emails... just unnecessarily curt and belittling content, from someone over and over and over... and then, when you're nearly shaking with trepidation of the email response you will get... you get a response that is not mean, it is actually cordial -- I haven't felt that kind of sincere relief and gratitude in a LONG time!!!

I love Thank You notes!

Our house takes a long time to recover when we get home from a trip... and immediately have to head back to work.  I've learned to accept this, and not invite guests over until we've been home at least a week.  The house does recover -- but it is a week-long process.

I find it really awkward when someone that I've sent a Christmas card for years, posts on facebook how they're sending out Christmas cards... and then I don't get a Christmas card.  If you know you're going to cut people off from you lists (i.e. send out cards, but don't send cards to everyone who sends cards to you), don't publicize it.  I can't imagine not sending a card to someone who sends me a card... that's why we make sure we have a few extras!

Grad school books are really expensive.  They also have made me pretty excited about starting my class next week (this is SUCH a blessing, as I haven't been very excited about it before now).

 I wish that my pictures would just automatically put the "themtnmillers.blogspot.com" tag on them... and improve the lighting, just by uploading them to my computer.

I don't know how yesterday was still Monday... ALL DAY.  Literally on my drive from Rifle to Vail... by the time I got to Vail, it no longer felt like Monday.  I read someone's facebook post about Monday, and thought, "Its not Monday anymore... oh man... yes it is."

I really need to buy some 2013 calendars.  I hope to get a good price.

I'm starting to have the craving to expand our family... we need a new kitten.  Then, next year we'll be ready for a new puppy.  But this year, I've begun praying for the Lord to bring a new kitten into our family.  I even had a dream about it a few nights ago.

I think my hubby looks amazing in his nice dress coat, scarf and shirt and tie.  His colleagues think he looks like a Mafia Man.  In my opinion the people who say this haven't seen many well-dressed men.  Oh, Rifle... how Chris and I try to add culture to this little hick-filled dust bowl.

My favorite Christmas gift was a Nativity Scene from my hubby and I LOVE IT!!!  I will do a post on it later, but I have wanted this Nativity Scene for years, but I didn't want to just buy it for myself.  My hubby bought me some this year (and we can add to it in future years) and I am so excited, that I'm not putting it away with the Christmas decorations.  We are going to have a Nativity Scene out to celebrate the Gift of Christ for the next 365 days at least!

I love to get the mail.  When I was a little girl, I wasn't allowed to get the mail because we had a REALLY long driveway and my dad was concerned that mail could be lost between the mailbox and the house.  So, when I was finally OLD ENOUGH and RESPONSIBLE ENOUGH to be trusted to get the mail!  I have always LOVED getting the mail and take such pride in being old enough to get the mail.  Well, this week, I'm not allowed to get the mail because my birthday is coming up this weekend and I can't see any cards or anything that arrives until my ACTUAL Birthday.  I am going crazy this week not being able to get the mail.

Hmmm... any more opinions I can share today... I'm sure I have them...

What are some of your random opinions lately?

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  1. We got some free calendars from the Eagle Pharmacy! They had 3 different ones last week (a food/recipe related one, a health/wellness one, and I think a family/kid related one).

  2. I wish the same thing about my pictures! Watermarking them takes the longest time!

    My mom always said growing up that it takes a week to recover from a trip! So true.


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