Monday, January 14, 2013

Brooke As a Giver

Monday of Brooke's Birthday Week:
 Brooke As a Giver

Daily, my wife gives of herself to help kids who are in need of her expertise.
She wakes up hours before day light to teach braille, then she stays up late so she can translate documents into braille for those same students.  
If you have tried to read braille, it is a skill that requires deciphering skills Cold War spies would struggle with.  Then, to create worksheets where a student with full vision would have a hard time reading, and creating a way for a visually impaired student to read it takes imagination, determination, and genius.
Think about a line graph where there are different color lines, different symbols representing different points, and grid lines to show the points on the graph, and try and create that for a visually impaired student.  That takes a special person.
And that special person will not quit until she knows that what she creates will ensure that her student will have the same understanding of that graph as a sighted student.

I love being a teacher, and I know Brooke does too.
I would not want to do anything else in this world because every day I have the opportunity to impact a life and change the world forever.
However, I wish I was someone who made more money, for one simple fact:
Brooke would still give every extra penny we could spare to help anyone and everyone she found that needed help. 

  • We would sponsor dozens of Compassion International kids rather than just two.
  •  She would donate to every blog, friend, family member, or stranger that she saw needed support to help adopt a child, pay for hospital bills, mission trips, or anyone just down on their luck.  
  • She would sponsor Christian Radio stations world-wide rather than just the local ones.
  • She would adopt all of the lonely cats and dogs.
  • She would adopt every lonely child in need of a family, love, and affection.
  • She might start an organization that would pay people to cut their hair off, so she could get more people to donate hair for people who lost their hair because of one reason or another rather than just cutting her own hair every year or two. 
Look at her long beautiful hair.

Last year we tried a fried Twinkie on her birthday (it's not very good)

She's still beautiful, but now uses less shampoo.
Brooke is an amazing giver.  She gives of her time, her money, her wisdom, and her love.

This world is better because of Brooke, the giver.

Happy Birthday Week Brooke!

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  1. Brooke is such a special lady! She's the one who inspired me to grow my hair for Locks of Love.


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